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Pattern Shop

Patterns can be as small as a 1 foot cube, but our current maximum mold sizes have been 5 foot by 5 foot by 4 foot tall, without requiring special equipment.  Not only limited by mold size, but also by the casting pour volume.  Our largest pour recently was 2600 lbs.  A 4000 lb. pour is possible (approximately 2500-3000 lb. Casting). 

They are made from several common foundry pattern materials, and are chosen based on volume of casting output.  Materials are usually Ren board, plastic, stable woods, and sometimes aluminum.  

Patterns are sourced as local as possible.  They are then received by our in-house pattern shop where they are fitted for our operation, flasks built for the required mold size, and gating and rigged to provide a cavity filling system. 


Customized Patterns

For our customer’s that do not have their own patterns we have the resources to make or modify patterns locally or in our own facility. Casting geometry can be sent via blueprint or electronic transfer of computer aided design files.

Machine Shop

Although we do not have an internal machine shop we do have several of them that are local to our foundry that we do use. Each one is capable of running different parts that we bring them. We send some parts that weigh as little as ½ pound and require some tight tolerances. We also have a shop that runs some high production parts for us that require several steps in the machining process. They will run 1500 parts and have 6 steps in the machining process.

We also have some shops that are able to meet surface tolerances and are able to make any repairs that may be needed to the part.