Products & Services

We use a no bake system.  After our Pattern Shop has inspected your pattern, we transport it to the mold line, where we run small and large patterns at the same time.

Our castings of semi-finished parts are made with a range of materials for applications in a variety of industries. We can meet any set of specifications.

We cast a wide variety of steels and steel alloys, including Low Alloy Carbon Steels, and Corrosion- and Heat-Resistant Steels.

The grey irons we pour include Class 30. Ship us your molds, and we’ll return them to you after pouring steel alloys. We also offer can also shaking and grinding services.

Our ability to meet custom specifications in working with an array of specialty alloys makes us an ideal partner for medium- and low-quantity production runs.


Steel Casting

We offer the largest variety of Steel alloys from Low Alloy, Carbon Steels, Corrosion and Heat Resistant Steels, and so much more. Our engineering...

Metal Grinding

We offer metal grinding services to remove gating, parting lines, contact pads and remove blemished to improve surface finish.

Machine & Pattern Shop

Our patterns are made from ren board, plastic, stable woods and aluminum. Patterns can be as small as 1 foot cube up to 5'...

Analysis & Testing

Along with engineering support we provide comprehensive testing to ensure castings are within specifications.