Analysis & Testing

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Engineering Support

Our small engineering staff will provide the quoting and production processing for castings.  We primarily use SolidWorks for quoting if a model is available to ensure quoting accuracy, pattern design, and for castability validation.  We also have a 3D printer for short run castings and other functions, such as machining fixture patterns for castings, or pattern improvements. 

Our engineering staff also troubles shoots casting issues from customer discovered problems or quality issues, and works to improve these parts through possible changes required, sample castings, and verification that the changes have resolved the problems for future castings.  Our engineering staffs main goal is to provide a casting that the customer expects.

Testing Capabilities

We use spectroscopy for every heat of metal poured to aid us in the correct adjustments to specific analysis, which ensures the material poured is correct to the customers specifications.  For many customers, it is required to have this documentation, and this can be available to them.  We also have portable hardness testing equipment for checking BHN (Brinell Hardness) spot checks after heat treatment to make sure castings meet hardness requirements.  

Other testing we have capabilities for are dye penetrant testing for common foundry defects, and some measurement equipment for checking dimensional tolerances.  Although these consist of internal processes for our testing, we do have sources that we regularly used for impact and mechanical testing, X-Ray, CMM for full dimensional layouts, and several more.