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Short leads times and flexibility to support your project.

The steel foundry was created in 1981 with six one-ton induction furnaces.  Hampton Foundry supports casting projects from as small as 1/2 pound up to 2,000 pounds.

Hampton Foundry’s size allows them to give customers the focus and dedication they deserve to ensure the job is not only done well but continues to improve.

The diversity of specialty alloys available makes Hampton the choice for custom projects that require unbending requirements.  Hampton Foundry’s strength lies in its ability to quickly and cost effectively produce medium to low quantity runs.

Service We Provide

Hampton Foundry is steel foundry providing castings up to 2000 pounds.


Pound Casting capability


Tons produced per month

Why Choose Us?

The Best Quality Castings,
The First Time.

We are a smaller foundry and are able to commit to a project to ensure that it is done correctly. Customers appreciate our flexibility and competitive pricing.

We pursue the highest level of communication with our customers, ensuring we understand their needs and can offer exceptional service and products.


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    FAQ from Clients

    What are some questions we are frequently asked.

    Railroad, Military, Agriculture, Automotive, Petroleum, Food Service, Construction, Mining and more.

    Yes, we have the capability to make many variations of steel alloys such as high wear or high temperature specialty alloys.   Contact us about your specific steel alloy composition.

    Hampton can make any size mold and castings up to 2,000 lbs.  Casting can be as small as a half a pound.

    We cast hydraulic cylinders, machine stands, motor housings, pump bases, grinding heads, cutters, blades and more.

    The average casting time for a verified pattern is 6-8 weeks.  The entire process, from request for quote to shipped casting, takes an average of 12 weeks.  In special cases, the entire process has been completed in under two weeks.

    We ask that our customers provide us with the following:

    • - Prints, Drawings or models of the part
    • - Quantity Requirements
    • - Materials, Specified Analysis, Heat Treatment & Certifications
    • - Quality Standards

    If you would like for us to quote your project please click here to Request a Quote.